Inspirational Quote Loopable Set 2

Product Published on: September 27, 2017
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Product Description

These unique animated viral quotes are ideal for use with social media sites to generate viewers. Viral quotes are click magnets because they present irresistible quotes and viewers will not able to miss this fun and awesome looking animated quotes.

You can also use these quotes for other purposes such as but not limited to in presentation to present quotes with matching ideas, use the animation to mix with other of your design works and more.

* Each of the slides in this set are in 16:9 wide screen aspect ratio and HD resolution.
* The slides are mix and match ready and you can mix and match with other slides to create unique variants.

You will need PowerPoint 2010 or above to edit this file. This file is not tested with PowerPoint for Mac, older version of PowerPoint, Keynote or Open Office.